About Us

Our solution upgrades the basic functionality of a traditional point of sale (POS) system through wireless connectivity, powerful analytics and significantly simplified usage. Our product is live in multiple locations across Jakarta and is developed specifically for restaurants, quick serve businesses, bars & nightclubs and other hospitality industries.

We enable hundreds of owners and staff to manage sales, inventory, operations, customers and finances effectively while they serve their customers. Being Jakarta based allows us to work very closely with local restaurant owners to seamlessly merge NADI with their operations and even upgrade our product. Unlike our competitors, we welcome requests for customizations as required by the business!

About Us

Why we started?

Business management is not easy. About 12 million Indonesians - 10% of the workforce come to work at a restaurant every morning where most of the restaurants have less that 50 employees. The owners don’t have a big capital and run on tight margins. Most aren’t software experts; And almost all don’t have much time to get a handle on everything – guests, staff, menu, marketing and finance – making it harder to grow their business.

Listening to restaurant owners, we realized restaurant management is not the same as retail or services industry and has a lot of specific features required by them only. As competition is on the rise, it has become imperative they govern their business with a robust and complete management solution.

Hence, we started NADI, a complete solution not only critical to operations but also huge cost saving mechanism.


Empower entrepreneurs in the hospitality business to realize their dreams of all types and sizes in the global arena


Build a platform that will partner with other digital agencies and used by all Restaurateurs to manage their sales, finances, supplies, customers and operations
About Us

We're disrupting a big industry by bringing online technology to local business

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